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Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) president Nazmul Hassan told The Daily Star these days that he wasn’t positive regarding what team are {going to be|are} going to Bharat day once tomorrow (Wednesday). Ace expert Shakib Al Hasan has been missing in action ever since the players’ strike. though he did attend a half-day’s coaching on Sabbatum, he didn’t show up for the primary and also the third-day’s coaching and BCB president same that he wasn’t positive whether or not Shakib was planning to tour Bharat.

“The 1st shock I received was once the meeting with the players. once Tamim told Maine that he won’t be occurring this tour. Earlier he had same that he could miss the last check because of personal reasons. once the Maineeting he came to me and same that he wasn’t going. “I am not going,” he had same once the meeting.

“Now I don’t recognize World Health Organization goes. i’m confused. i’m not locution they’re not going however i’m confused.”

Bangladesh cricket has been probing a turmoil ever since the players’ strike happened. though the matter was somewhat resolved once a three-day strike with the players returning to action, Shakib not turning au courant the primary and third day of coaching had raised eyebrows. On prime of all that, the BCB had conjointly asked for an evidence from Shakib concerning him language with a medium company while not informing the board.

“Actually, nothing is evident nonetheless which is my downside since the team is effort day once tomorrow. “To my information, he was planning to the bottom. once he talked to Maine, he same that he was planning to go and that i same i used to be going there furthermore. after I went there, I detected that he talked to the coach and he was in vacation or one thing, or resting. I detected it from some other person.”

He but mentioned that the rationale for Shakib not returning to apply perhaps totally different than what everybody was thinking.

“One factor is true. no matter you’re thinking, it’s nothing like that. there’s no relation between this and that they approach you guys square measure thinking. it’s one thing totally different and my assumption is that we’ll recognize during a day or 2. The team goes on the thirtieth thus we’ll establish.

“If Shakib doesn’t go then the full team combination can amendment. He didn’t manifest itself for the coaching on the primary day and so arrived the second day solely to depart once half the session was done. Then on the third day he didn’t come back. Don’t you’re thinking that there’s enough reason to be suspicious. Can’t I be suspicious? I actually have to return up with another however if I say that currently, everybody can say that i’m inquiring for Shakib to born from the tour. Can’t imagine what i’m within. I will solely say that it’s not traditional what’s happening.

During the spoken language, Hassan same that he was currently convinced that the strike or boycotting cricket wasn’t on the agenda for the cricketers. They solely knew regarding the stress. He additional that he learnt from unconfirmed sources that there was a “plan to cancel the Bharat tour”. throughout the last moments of the strike, he came to grasp that many of the players won’t be going.

“Everything is foggy. If somebody doesn’t need to travel, there’s no issue if they impart early. there’s a sort of feeling of being indispensable inside the team. angle has got to be right. This [attitude] wasn’t there before. There could also be logical reason and that i can see to those later. Right now, my concern is that the Bharat tour. i’m not upset regarding the players in pipeline,” the BCB president councluded.

The BCB president explained that he was involved regarding the team’s fitness. “I am upset a couple of ton of things and that i don’t recognize the solution to those things. there’s the fitness issue, they didn’t bear any fitness coaching. I asked what’s going to happen if we tend to take a fitness check. They replied not one amongst them can pass. simply accept it. we tend to square measure planning to play a series in Bharat however we tend to don’t have any seriousness.”