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Southeast, Bank Asia most efficient, profitable lenders

Southeast Bank is that the most profitable and economical investor in Asian country followed by Bank Asia whereas Dutch-Bangla Bank is that the least, per associate degree analysis of various banks’ cost-to-income quantitative relation.

Last year, Southeast’s cost-to-income quantitative relation was but thirty five p.c, that means that it had to pay Tk thirty five for Tk a hundred operative revenues. Bank Asia had successive best quantitative relation of forty three p.c, followed by jap Bank at forty five.63 percent.

The cost-to-income quantitative relation shows a bank’s operative prices (administrative and stuck costs) in relevance its operative financial gain. the upper quantitative relation typically indicates lower potency, however variety of things will have an effect on the quantitative relation, as well as a bank’s business model, its size and also the overall investment climate of a rustic, per bankers.

A general rule of thumb is that any figure higher than fifty p.c refers to unskillfulness. however the majority the banks in Asian country fall during this class.


Dutch-Bangla Bank’s magnitude relation was the best at sixty eight p.c, followed by Brac Bank at sixty four p.c (consolidated).
According to the S&P international Market Intelligence report, Bangladeshi banks’ average cost-to-income magnitude relation was fifty five.25 p.c in 2018, on top of those in China, Thailand, Bharat and Vietnam.

“We are managing our resources expeditiously to urge higher output,” aforementioned Md Arfan Ali, president and manager of Bank Asia.

Bank Asia has set a target to bring down the magnitude relation to forty p.c.

Anis A Khan, manager of Mutual Trust Bank, that has down its cost-to-income magnitude relation by four share points to fifty p.c last year, aforementioned they need brought each expense in check except remuneration payments.

“We do what we’d like to try to to. we’ve reduced our rental and body prices and restricted gap of latest branches furthermore,” Khan aforementioned.


Brac Bank and Dutch-Bangla Bank have the upper quantitative relation as they need endowed heavily in folks and technology.

“We have improved considerably in several indicators together with come on assets and come on equity. however our higher cost-to-income quantitative relation indicates that we tend to square measure continued to take a position in folks, technology and processes,” aforesaid Selim RF Hussain, administrator of Brac Bank.

“Since the economy is growing quick, we’ve to still invest for the longer term,” he added.

Some other banks with high quantitative relation aforesaid they’re attempting to limit their expenses by cutting prices for human resources and increasing the utilization of technologies.