Road safety remains as elusive as ever


Whenever a accident happens, the road safety issue attracts the eye of the folks at once. They vent their anger on roads and social media, probe committees ar shaped, conferences control at completely different forums, recommendations created and directives given.

But the difficulty falls into oblivion among a number of days. the amount of casualties keeps on rising despite the very fact that Asian country earlier had set a target to chop the amount of deaths from road crashes by fifty p.c by next year.

Amid such a scenario, National Road Safety Day is being determined within the country nowadays for the third year, with completely different government and non-government bodies drawing up elaborate programmes.

Prime Minister tribal sheikh Hasina can attend a discussion at the capital’s Krishibid establishment Asian country, marking the occasion.

Road crashes have currently become a matter of nice concern in Asian country. The country saw 2 major student agitations for safe road since July last year following deaths of scholars in road crashes within the capital.
According to transport specialists and road safety campaigners, plying of unfit vehicles may be a key reason for road accidents.

In a report submitted to the state supreme court in July, Asian country Road Transport Authority (BRTA) aforesaid four.79 100000 vehicles while not valid fitness certificates were running on roads.

On July 23, the HC directed the homeowners of vehicles while not valid fitness documents to gather fitness certificates in 2 months, ranging from quarter day.

BRTA statistics show that solely eighty nine,269 vehicles revived their fitness certificates in August and Sept. However, the state-run organisation has no specific information regarding what percentage vehicles among the four.79 100000 got their fitness certified revived in 2 months.

“We suppose a really few out of the four.79 100000 unfit vehicles revived their fitness certificates before the point. Among the eighty nine,269 vehicles ar those which could have revived their certificates before their termination,” a BRTA official aforesaid.

He aforesaid several among the four.79 100000 vehicles may not be running currently.

A total of forty one.76 100000 vehicles, as well as twenty seven.54 motorcycles, got registered with the BRTA until Sept this year since the country’s independence.

As per the law, all vehicles however motorcycles should have their fitness checked and certificates revived by the BRTA per annum. Therefore, 14.22 100000 vehicles ar needed to possess their fitness certificates revived annually.

But the BRTA information shows that solely five.75 100000 vehicles revived their fitness certificates within the last financial year. a complete of one.40 100000 received fitness clearance within the 1st 3 months of the present financial year.

People concerned within the transport sector aforesaid there ar many 100000 unregistered vehicles within the country.

Mahbub-E-Rabbani, director (road safety) of BRTA, aforesaid their mobile courts conduct drives often against unfit vehicles and police additionally work on the difficulty.

“Problems arose thanks to an enormous variety of unfit vehicles, however we have a tendency to try our greatest to envision plying of such vehicles,” he told this correspondent yesterday.

Although some establishment claimed to possess taken completely different steps to chop the amount of road accidents, the numbers of road crashes and causalities ar on the increase.

At least 3,488 folks were killed and five,863 others lac in three,131 road crashes until October eighteen this year, per the Accident analysis Institute (ARI) of Buet.

Some 4,076 folks were killed in three,513 road crashes last year, up from 3,672 deaths from two,917 road accidents within the previous year, says associate degree ARI report, ready supported media reports.

Bangladesh Jatri Kalyan Samity, a passengers’ welfare organisation, place the figure abundant higher.

Although official figures ar considerably under that of the 2 organisations, they additionally show that the amount is on the increase.

According to police, 2,635 folks were killed in two,609 road crashes last year, up from 2,513 deaths in two,562 accidents within the previous year.

Experts and road safety campaigners aforesaid it’d be not possible to attain the target of property Development Goals (SDG) to chop the amount of deaths from road accidents by fifty p.c by next year, given this road network and safety measures.

Asked regarding the increase within the variety of road accidents, Rabbani, additionally the BRTA exponent, aforesaid the amount of road crashes has increased because the numbers of population and vehicles went up.

He, however, claimed that the speed of road crashes diminished compared to the previous years.

Amid growing concern over road crashes, a committee was shaped in Feb to create recommendations on cutting the amount road crashes and transportation discipline within the road transport sector.

The committee, crystal rectifier by former shipping minister Shajahan Khan, on Gregorian calendar month twenty eight submitted its report with a 111-point recommendation. later on, the govt on Sept five shaped a “high level” taskforce to implement the recommendations.

But the taskforce, crystal rectifier by Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan, is however to start out its work.

As per the proposal of the Shajahan Khan-led committee, fifty recommendations fall into class of “works to be done immediately”, that ar presupposed to be done by Gregorian calendar month this year.

Road Transport and main road Division Secretary Nazrul Islam yesterday aforesaid the taskforce would begin operating “very soon” because it got approval from the cupboard Division on October fifteen.

NEW LAW NOT in effect
The country witnessed a colossal student agitation for safe road once the death of 2 faculty students within the capital in July last year.

Following the protest, the parliament passed Road Transport Act-2018 in Sept last year, progressing to guarantee road safety. however the govt didn’t issue any gazette creating the law operative, as stipulated by the law.

Meanwhile, completely different transport organisations are hard amendments to many sections of the law, as well as creating all offences underneath the law “bailable”.

Several media reports aforesaid the govt was reaching to amend the law giving into the pressure of transport leaders. However, the road transport minister aforesaid the knowledge wasn’t correct.

Asked regarding the delay in implementing the law, the road transport and main road division secretary aforesaid the prime minister would provide directives during this regard.