Lessons from Bhola – Daily Janasongjog


We specific our deepest sorrow at the loss of lives and regret the killings and injuries suffered by the individuals in Borhanuddin of Bhola.

As people we tend to loathe violence and per se cannot however be unhappy at the loss of lives. However, we’d like to look at why this happened and if there’s any lesson to be told for the govt, the law enforcers and North American country as a society.

Circumstantial evidences gathered up to now leave little doubt in our mind that the Bhola incident failed to happen, it absolutely was created to. and therefore the the} purpose was also terribly clear — to embarrass the govt and to indicate that our claim of universal non secular tolerance is predicated on a weak foundation.

The incident conjointly disclosed that in spite of all the coaching of the enforcement bodies our capability to handle agitated mob leaves a lot of to be desired.

Let us begin with the last. we tend to area unit absolutely sympathetic to the police and understand the hazards they face in handling mob notably those that use violence. The claim is that police laid-off in revenge. although we tend to settle for the police story fully, killing of 4 individuals and injuring of hundred others, virtually inevitably, cause the read that it absolutely was a case of response. Of course, we, as armchair analysts, cannot understand the $64000 state of affairs however still have to be compelled to raise, couldn’t the matter are addressed differently? Police understand all right that those that organise agitation with a read to making mob violence attempt, as a part of their strategy, to instigate the police to force them to react – the additional violently the higher. The challenge isn’t to be that entice. Did we, during this case?

In this explicit case there have been 2 benefits that the police had – initial, the incident started on weekday afternoon whereas the firing occurred on Sunday. This gave them ample time to organize for any occurrence and second, police already knew that the Facebook account that was wont to unfold the hate messages was hacked proving that the complete factor was a setup. In fact, before the firing occurred police had already inactive the hackers. Police did the correct factor, and that we tend to commend them, by participating with the native non secular leaders and also the Imams and diffusive the stress to a good extent. within the morning of the fateful day police officers once more engaged with the non secular leaders. once matters was greatly subtle and calm looked as if it would are renovated, a extremely charged cluster of agitators came onto the scene, incited the gang to become violent and attacked the police officers, as well as the SP and extra DIG of the Barishal vary, and alternative officers United Nations agency had gathered in a very near religious school. The mob opened fireplace injuring a constable and also the relatiative firing ensued, per the police.

It would seem to North American country that once the unconditional cluster saw that police were ready to calm {the state of affairs|things|matters|true|the case} and realized that their aim to form a violent situation was being discomfited, it resorted to incitement that led to the loss of 4 lives. it’s a typical methodology mob inciters use and that we ought to are ready for it.

What our law enforcers seem to not have factored in is that the role of the those that were originally liable for hacking the aforementioned FB account, fitting the pretend messages Associate in Nursingd making an abusive voice communication, whose screen shots were then created and distributed wide. This cluster wouldn’t let their well ordered out effort fail simply because of Associate in Nursing intelligent police initiative and wise reaction of the native non secular leaders. And thence the violence, the attack on the police and also the unfortunate deaths.

As of scripting this comment, police have done a commendable job of each containing additional violence and protective the non secular cluster that has been targeted. The handling of matters throughout weekday conjointly deserves appreciation.

The troublemakers’ obvious purpose was to belie our claim to be a extremely tolerant country that celebrates its diversity of all kinds as well as and particularly the non secular. they need been at it for quite it slow. we’ve got seen similar makes an attempt in Ramu in 2012, in Pabna (Sathiya) in 2013, in Brahmanbaria (Nasir Nagar) in 2016, in lemanderin (Thakur para) in 2017 and currently in Bhola (Borhanuddin).

The pattern all told the higher than cases is analogous. A Facebook account of a spiritual minority person is hacked, a pretend post against our faith and defamatory our Prophet is announce, that is then created microorganism, and in apparent revenge an enormous ‘spontaneous’ mob ( in one case it absolutely was rumored that participants within the rally were brought in by buses ) gathers at intervals a really short time that attacks places of worship of alternative religions and vandalises their properties. within the case of Ramu, many Buddhist temples reduced to ashes were historical treasures for East Pakistan.

We within the media, particularly this newspaper, have continuously raised questions on the contrived nature of the alleged spontaneous outburst and also the revenge by a mob United Nations agency appeared, in the majority cases, to suddenly seem out of obscurity within the shortest attainable time and begin humoring in violence.

A point has to be created here that has to be self-addressed forthwith. a complete of thirty six cases were filed within the higher than instances (excluding the current one in Bhola) however most unfortunately trial of not one one has been completed. they’re all at numerous stages of investigation, etc. There can not be any acceptable clarification for this lack of action. By not finishing the cases the police gave, maybe inadvertently, a message that prosecuting those offensive the minorities or vandalising their places of worship and properties wasn’t the priority of our law enforcers.

Imagine if we tend to had prosecuted all the criminals liable for the attacks on minorities. we’d have, at least, sent out a robust message against such actions. quite anyone else our law enforcers ought to understand that once a criminal offense goes unpunished it’s not solely that justice is being denied to the victim however conjointly that alternative criminals area unit being inspired to commit identical crimes. This should stop at once.

We echo our prime minister once she warns “not to undertake to make the most on the Bhola incident”. we tend to should all be prepared and willing – and that we area unit – to figure aboard the govt to form a tolerant and harmonious society for while not a universal acceptance of our varied culture, various non secular and ethnic heritage the East Pakistan of Liberation War won’t be achieved.

But needs and warnings area unit hardly enough.

To start with we tend to should expose the very fact that every one the incidents up to now of a private from a minority community defamatory our faith weren’t TRUE. That they were done by unconditional quarters United Nations agency wished to destroy the basic attribute of East Pakistan and of our Liberation War that is tolerance of diversity and harmonious and peaceful co-existence of all teams. this implies we tend to should forthwith, within the shortest time attainable, complete investigation and end all legal formalities to reveal these vicious makes an attempt to destroy East Pakistan of our dreams and penalise the individuals behind all such actions.

We counseled tribal sheikh Hasina within the past, and do thus once more, for holding the trial of our war criminals. we tend to currently urge her to create this our top priority of the instant.