Omar Faruk ousted from Jubo League – Janasongjog


Jubo League Chairman Omar Faruk Chowdhury has been alleviated of his post amid allegations of corruption.

The decision came at a gathering between prime Jubo League leaders and AL President tribal sheikh Hasina at the Gono Bhaban last night.

The meeting conjointly set that the regulation for Jubo League membership would be fifty five years.

Omar Faruk became Jubo League chairman in 2012 at the age of sixty four. He has been the oldest chairman within the organisation’s 47-year history.

He became the talk the city once an area of Jubo League leaders started transferral totally different allegations against him amid a quelling on ineligible gambling and casinos by law enforcers last month.
The allegations against Faruk embrace running the organisation at whim, arch the corrupt, and award key posts of the organisation in exchange for cash.

The youth front of the ruling AL is simply a month removed from its seventh National Congress regular for Nov twenty three.

It was set ultimately night’s meeting that Jubo League praesidium member Chayan Islam would be the caller of its congress propaedeutic committee. Chayan is fifty seven and a former AL lawgiver from Sirajganj-6, per the web site of Asian country Parliament.

Jubo League General Secretary Harun-Or-Rashid was created the member secretary of the committee.

The organisation’s current charter doesn’t mention any regulation and says that anyone eligible to figure are often a member.

Earlier on Sep fourteen, Rezwanul Haque Chowdhury Shovon and Golam Rabbani were far from the posts of Chhatra League president and general secretary amid allegations of extortion.

Although Prime Minister tribal sheikh Hasina command last night’s meeting with Jubo League leaders, Faruk and praesidium member Nurunabi Chowdhury Shawon were asked to not be part of.

AL leaders ruler Hossain Amu, Tofail Ahmed and Obaidul Quader were gift at the meeting.

Sources gift ultimately night’s meeting aforementioned Hasina delivered associate introductory speech at the private meeting and invited Jubo League leaders to share their opinions concerning their organisation.

Jubo League Joint Secretary Mohiuddin Ahmed Mohi aforementioned that he demanded penalisation to those that had flyblown Jubo League’s image.

Jubo League leader ruler Hossain Gazi aforementioned that several of his fellow leaders were speculated to visit grassroot activists and hold councils, however committees were proclaimed from the centre while not their information, the sources value-added.

Hearing the allegations, the PM asked why she had not been sophisticated concerning these earlier. “If I knew, I might have taken action. you’re speech communication these once I actually have started taking action,” a Jubo League leader quoted her as speech communication.

She conjointly aforementioned some individuals were operating for the party whereas others were busy plundering public cash.

UNB reports: Hasina in her speech aforementioned, “No mercy are going to be shown to criminals… Injustice won’t be tolerated.”

She aforementioned the govt. needed everybody to steer a prosperous life.

“I assume it’s necessary to require punitory actions against injustice,” the PM aforementioned.

Jubo League General Secretary Harun aforementioned the organisation’s chairman has stopped coming back to the party workplace whereas the workplace secretary was on the run.

Presidium member martyr Serniabat aforementioned totally different native committees of Jubo League were proclaimed for cash.

He mentioned the name of inactive prime government listed contractor GK Shamim and aforementioned Omar Faruk had given him a Jubo League post.

He aforementioned the fantastic history of Jubo League mustn’t be flyblown and requested the PM to bring contemporary and committed leaders to Jubo League.