Don’t try to cash in on Bhola incident – Daily Janasongjog


Prime Minister tribal sheikh Hasina yesterday urged all to possess patience and warned that those attempting to require advantage of the Bhola incident are going to be tortured.

“I urge the individuals to wait. those that need to fish in troubled waters capitalising on this incident are going to be caterpillar-tracked down and applicable measures are going to be taken against them,” she said, whereas addressing a gathering with Jubo League leaders at Gono Bhaban.

At least four individuals were killed and 100 others wounded during a clash between police and a mob in Bhola over a hate voice communication unfold through the Facebook traveler.

Hasina aforementioned some individuals area unit deliberately doing such atrocious acts to make instability. “Whenever the country runs properly, a region of individuals attempt to produce chaos.”

She sought-after cooperation of tired stopping these individuals.
Hasina aforementioned penal measures should be taken against anyone World Health Organization needed to disrespect Prophet Muhammad (SM). “At constant time, if anyone tries to border another person, measurers will be taken against them.”

The prime minister aforementioned the Facebook account of a minority youth was hacked by another youth. The hacker demanded Tk twenty,000 over the phone, and vulnerable that if not, he would write one thing which is able to be dangerous for that youth. obtaining the call, the youth visited the station to lodge a general diary. Police inactive that youth and later conjointly inactive the one who hacked the account, she said.

“We’ve communicated with the Facebook authorities for more data. We’ll be ready to collect all connected data.”

Hasina termed the incident “unwanted”, that LED to the loss of lives.

She conjointly puzzled however a Muslim will write derogative remarks regarding the Prophet simply to place another person in hassle. “Negative info was unfold on Facebook. Who’re these individuals, what’s their intention?”

Hasina, conjointly chief of the ruling Awami League, aforementioned however a Muslim, World Health Organization has the minimum respect for the Prophet, will write such remarks regarding him.

The prime minister aforementioned the govt is taking the country forward, and it’s continuing its drive against coercion, militancy, medicine and corruption. “There are going to be no mercy for criminals.”

Hasina aforementioned once the country is developing economically, it’s natural that some individuals can became greedy. “As a result, society is pushed towards destruction. this kind of injustice won’t be tolerated.”

She aforementioned the govt needs everyone to possess a decent life through economic liberation. “But i feel it’s a requirement to require penal action against any type of injustice.”

In this affiliation, she mentioned that whenever a modification happens in society, some individuals suddenly become wealthy whereas some stay poor. “We’re operating laborious to run the economy in such how in order that the individuals at grassroots level will get economic edges and therefore the financial gain inequality doesn’t widen.”

The prime minister aforementioned Father of the state Bangabandhu tribal sheikh Mujibur Rahman liberated the country to bring smile to the faces of the final individuals. “We’re running the country keeping that in mind.”

Hasina aforementioned that taking advantage of a Digital Asian nation, some unhealthy components usually produce issues. “I request everybody to not listen to rumours and grasp the reality, and act consequently.”