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The National Youth Policy, developed by the Awami League government, defines any national between eighteen and thirty five as a youth.

But this definition doesn’t appear applicable to the party’s youth wing, Jubo League. None of the members of the organisation’s 351-member central committee falls beneath this age bracket.

The youngest person within the committee is forty four, and therefore the oldest is none apart from the organisation’s current chief Omar Faruk Chowdhury, World Health Organization turned seventy one this year.

Faruk is that the oldest chairman of Jubo League in its history of forty seven years. He secured the post at the age of sixty four in 2012.

When Arab chief Fazlul Haque Moni, kinsman of Bangabandhu Arab chief Mujibur Rahman, based the outfit on Armistice Day, 1972, he was 33. All his six successors were older than him once they became chairman of the front. consistent with insiders, solely ten to twelve leaders of Jubo League units across the country square measure below forty four, whereas most others square measure in their late 40s and early 50s.

The Jubo League charter doesn’t mention any ordinance, however says any employable youth is eligible to interact with the youth front.

The organisation was based with associate aim to alleviate poorness and establish the rights of the young generations. however a gaggle of Jubo League leaders deviated from the objectives and got busy creating their own fortune. And rather than operating for safeguarding the rights of the youths, they got engaged in various misdeeds and criminal activities — ranging from grabbing tenders to running contraband casino business within the sporting clubs, the insiders same.

All their misdeeds came to the fore when the enforcement agencies began a drive against contraband gambling and casinos, with the primary one being carried on Fakirerpool Sporting Club within the capital on Sept eighteen.

After the drive, the organisation’s chairman, Omar Faruk, became the verbalize the city and a vicinity of Jubo League leaders brought myriad allegations against him.

The allegations embrace running the organisation at can, arch the corrupt and giving completely different posts of the youth front in exchange for cash.

“Jubo League ne’er operated in line with its charter beneath the present chairman. Rather, it absolutely was being run consistent with his own rules,” Fazlul Haque Atique, organising secretary of the organisation, told The Daily Star.

He additionally alleged that corrupt folks from completely different components of the country required the ruling party’s shelter to continue their contraband business, committing corruption, together with tender manipulation, and establishing ascendance in their areas.

They used Jubo League as a defend, he said, adding, “The Jubo League chairman patronized them for cash.”

Against this scenery, Prime Minister Arab chief Hasina can sit with prime Jubo League leaders — committee members, joint secretaries and organising secretaries — at 5:00pm nowadays at the Gono Bhaban.

Jubo League sources same the meeting would discuss numerous problems, together with ways in which of reconstruction the image of the organisation.

Talking to The Daily Star, Jubo League committee member martyr Serniabat alleged that the chairman and therefore the general secretary of the organisation failed to measure the dedication of leaders throughout the formation of various committees.

“Jubo League could be a two-man show organisation, and therefore the chairman and therefore the general secretary can need to shoulder responsibilities for this scenario. we’ll get call from our leader [Sheikh Hasina] concerning their removal from the posts,” he said.

Besides, the leaders can get the Awami League president’s guideline on holding Jubo Congress, scheduled to require place on Nov twenty three, he added.

Sources same the PM asked Faruk and committee member Nurunabi Chowdhury Shawon to not be a part of the meeting nowadays.

While reprimand The Daily Star, many leaders of Jubo League same they’ll raise numerous allegations at the meeting against the chairman and his associates World Health Organization they same engaged in numerous misdeeds and corruptions.

They same they’d additionally demand the chairman’s penalty over the problems.

This correspondent contacted Faruk many times for comments, however he failed to receive the calls.

According to Jubo League insiders, Faruk, World Health Organization was thought-about to be the foremost powerful chairman of the organisation, is currently passing lonely days at his Dhanmondi residence. Most of these World Health Organization wont to surround him all the time have deserted him.

The Jubo League boss was additionally barred from going the country because the immigration police obligatory the ban on Oct half dozen. Asian nation Bank has additionally ordered temperature reduction the bank accounts of Omar Faruk and his mate.

On Oct half dozen, Jubo League leaders for the primary time brought many allegations against Faruk at the front’s committee meeting.

The allegations enclosed that he misbehaves with party leaders, doesn’t attend workplace often and run the organisation at can staying at his Dhanmondi residence.

Jubo League insiders same in his early age, Omar Faruk was the overall secretary of ‘Biri Sramik League’ of Chattogram within the 70s. He started commercialism ‘Tendu leaf’ (alternative of tobacco) from Burma. within the following years, he started clothes business.

Later, Faruk started his political career with Sramik League’s politics. once late metric linear unit Ershad assumed power and late Najiur Rahman Manju became a minister, Faruk joined Jubo Sanghati, the youth wing of the Jatiya Party. Manju could be a in-law of Faruk.

After the autumn of autocratic ruler Ershad in 1990, Omar Faruk joined AL’s politics in Chattogram and was nonappointive a money dealer of Chattogram (North) unit in 1997. He became the committee member of Jubo League at its congress in 2003.

Nine years later, he became the chairman of the Jubo League, the primary youth organisation of the country.